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    Red face Unanswered: Cannot Find .mdb file with CR8 & Access 2000!

    I've converted an old version of CR7 report to CR8 and also upgraded a 97 Access database to 2000 format.

    Now I had to re-create a new report because the old database (even though they were the same name) could not be found when I attempted to link the new database and it asked me for a user name and password????

    Then when I couldn't log in and pressed cancel, I get:

    Error: "library "pdbbtrv.dll" could not be opened..... (went on about configuration or something like that).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    i hate crystal reports
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    Wanted to add more details here...

    When I click to add a database in CR8:

    Microsoft Access Open Session dialog box opens

    Asks for User ID and Password with the "Admin" as the default userID

    Seagate Crystal Reports: Database Error
    Error recognizing file.

    File "c:\....\xxx.mdb" is not a known database type. Please choose again.

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    Ugh... this worked if I created a MDW file.... assigning level groups name and password in Access.

    But I don't understand really how it works... other than that it now works in CR8 but I have to enter userID and password when running the report.

    I am not comfortable with this new method... as I don't know how to make this work when creating an installation (InstallShield 7) for the client who sells this program.

    Any suggestions?


    (Happy New Year)

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