Hi all,

I am trying to set up a small intranet server with a MySQL database (4.1).

Im using Apache 2 on Linux Mandriva 2006 with MySQL 4.1

The problem I have encountered is, that when ever I try and load the mysqld daemon, I get "cannot connect to Mysql host".

I have the linux machine's ip address set to :
And this is the ip address and NAME of the machine.

Now, I have tried many things. I have tried pinging my own machine, and got something back but not a full fledged ping resolution. So I completely deactivated the firewall. Still, nothing improved. Pinging the machine apparently does not work?!!!

I have tried naming the host for mysql as "" and "localhost" and I still cannot connect to the database through mysqladmin.

It seems it is looking for a file called "mysql.sock" which I cannot find anywhere on my system - did a command "updatedb" and then "locate mysql.socks" which did not find this file anywhere on my system.

So, anyone got any ideas on how to get this to work?