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    Unanswered: Disable Auto Write

    Hi, i'm using continuous form to view and write my records and whenever i finished entering my first row of record it automatically writes to the db. How do i disable it? I'm currently using a query to write to the db whenever i click on a button and i would like to disable this auto feature.


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    That's standard Access behaviour. If you wish something else, you could for instance unbind the form (or go VB/VB.Net ...), and do it all by code - but I don't think that'll work with continuous forms.

    Another way, keep the continuous form locked for editing, and aling textboxes at the top fo the continuous form (header section, or in the main form), which you use for you adding/editing. Populate those controls by opening a recordset based on the primary key of a record you've doubleclicked on, selection in a combo ...

    Else, you could just accept Access for the tool it, which is quite capable of doing inserts, edits ... by itself, where you can for instance use the before update event of the form to cancel save operations, if/when that's needed.

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