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    Exclamation Unanswered: HELP! can not start sql server

    When I restart my ASE125, it failed, in Errorlog, I found the following word:
    "Invalid Configuration: Unable to start SQL Server since the defined cache
    configuration consumes more memory than is available for buffer caches.
    The server may be started with a default configuration using the -c
    startserver option."
    anybody help me very thanks!

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    Edit the configuration file (in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/<servername>.cfg) and reduce the size of the caches. The cache definition entries look like this

    [Named Cache:default data cache]
    cache size = DEFAULT
    cache status = default data cache
    cache replacement policy = DEFAULT
    local cache partition number = DEFAULT

    although in this case the values are set to DEFAULT, rather than some user defined amount. The size values are in logical pages (i.e. 2k units), so 512 means one meg.


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    I defined it as default

    I changed my define to Default, but start server failed again, what's wrong?

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