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    Question Unanswered: Combo Box display problem?

    I have a form with the "Allow Additions" property set to "No".
    The form "Record Source" is set to point to my table.
    The form detail section displays existing records from the table -- but does not allow additions.
    In the form header section, there are various unbound controls used to enter values for new records.
    One of these unbound controls is a Combo Box.
    There is an Add button with event code that controls adding records to the table.
    When there are existing records displayed in the detail section, the unbound Combo Box in the header section works/displays correctly.

    When there are NO records displayed in the detail section, the unbound Combo Box does not display the selected entry.
    Selecting an entry in the Combo Box works -- and the selected value is available in my Add event code -- but the control does not display the value selected.
    All other unbound controls in the header section (text boxes and check boxes) work/display correctly.

    This sounds like a bug -- and I found Q281940 on which seems related.
    Can someone suggest a way to workaround this problem?
    Once approach that seems to work is to place the unbound controls that are currently in the header section into a separate subform.
    I'm looking for a (hopefully) simpler solution.
    I have a large number of forms that are designed to work this way.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    DBList32.ocx (as in the ms article you mention) is to do with VB not A/VBA
    - maybe try a VB forum?

    i have used many thousands of normal Access combos in A95, A97, A2k and A2k3 and never seen the behaviour you describe.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    How are you populating the unbound combo box?

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    I have some populated with Table/Query and others with Value Lists...doesn't seem to matter.

    Attached is a very simple TestCase of my problem.

    Can someone try this and confirm if the problem is reproducable?
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