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    Unanswered: how to create DSN for DB2

    Hi All,

    I have been trying to create SYSTEM DSN for DB2 but in a vain can any one give inputs on this.

    i am new to DB2 i
    The data source is not connected.  Connecting to the data source will provide useful information during configuration.  Would you like to connect to the data source?

    and driver name showing like DataDriver CLOSED 4.10 DB2 write protocol.

    Maruthi Narra

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    you are talking about ODBC I guess ...

    well I dunno about the specific driver you are using, but the message you are posting actually is like that:
    the driver can connect you and provide information like database version and stuff. Or don't connect and just register with the connection details you provide (port, hostname etc) and you test the connection later.

    What is the problem ??

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    You need to install & configure "atleast" DB2 run time client before creating ODBC database source.

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    i may not clear, here i m elaborating more

    My main aim is to create One database/Schema on DB2

    then i want to connect through the remote machine/Third party tool to create some tables on that schema.

    while i worked on Oracle i used to connect Schema by using UserName/Password@Connecting(DSN)

    can any one give the same like how to create DSN for one schema,

    all i mentioned on terminology of Oracle i m very new to DB2 i just want the steps to create Data base and how to connect that remote,

    Thanks In advance

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    From a client execute the following DB2 commands
    db2 catalog tcpip node TCPN remote SRVR server 60001 remote_instance DB2INST1 system SRVR ostype AIX
    db2 catalog database DTBS as ALIAS at node TCPN authentication server
    db2 catalog system odbc data source DTBS
    TCPN tcp nodename; can be anything; I usually make it same as DTBS.
    SRVR is the database server name(DNS); 60001 should be replaced by the port number in the /etc/services file on a unix system;(like the default 1521 on Oracle)I think the IBM default is 3700.
    DB2INST1 is the instance name on the server.Replace AIX with your OperatingSystem.
    DTBS is the database name. ALIAS is its alias; can be the same as DTBS.These commands catalog the database and produce a system DSN called DTBS.

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