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    Unanswered: Has any one a way to simulate an indoubt situation?

    Hi everybody.
    This is my first post in this forum. Hope you have an answer.
    We are a z/OS DB2 shop with 7*24 operations, using CICS, MQ and DB2 in a sysplex configuration.
    We are now testing our recovery scenarios on our testsystem for the case when one LPAR failes. To get a realistic scenario we would like to create an in-doubt thread somehowe. I have written a CICS tx wich get a msg from MQ and inserts it in DB2 and than wait for a few seconds before commiting. This wil cause inflight threads when the LPAR is canceled (deactivated). But we have not been able to create indoubt threads.
    I was thinking a an exit in CICS or DB2 to hold up the phase-1 of the 2 phase commit.
    Or has anybody a better idea.
    We want to experiment with different restart options for DB2, CICS and MQ. Things to considere are the 'retained locks', light(yes) start, coordination with CICS etc. etc.

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    Db2 does not provide any way to simulate the indoubt transactions, but it does provide you with options to either commit, rollback or leave the transaction in the same state. If you have the application logic clear you can definitely simulate it.

    You can also look for dumps and snapshots which will help you get more messages related to locks, etc.

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