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    Question Unanswered: MS Access Security

    Applied Access security feature to a database using its Security Wizard. Procedure went smoothly.

    Been developing a software using VB 6.0 using an Access database as the main data source. Haven't had any problem manipulating the database via VB, but recently attempted to modify the database structure via Access, but was unable to do so, because either my username or password is allegedly invalid. Tried all passwords I can recall, but unable to get through. Haven't been able to create a new database, either.

    Development of the software and creation of the Access database is being done on a stand alone laptop, that may or may not have been a workstation in a network.

    Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.


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    This is a SQL Server forum, not the Access forum. But the security model in MS Access sucks anyway. Always has. You want security and reliability? Scale up to SQL Server.
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    Yep, you definitely want to move this to the Access forum. As I recall (from MS Access 95 days, so this may be out of date info), it has to do with a separate MS Access file that you have to find that will set our security environment. Each Access DB can belong to the same security environment or a different environment and that is specified when you secure the database.

    Good luck.

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