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    Okay, this one is better than my last one today... (doh!)

    I have a form that has both a combo box (TABLE_SELECT) and a list box (FIELD_SELECT). This is part of a DB2 data dictionary I've created for our team here.

    I built a text box that users can enter a field name that they can use to look up a field to see if it exists in any of the fifteen tables. Some fields exist in all tabels (PK's). When the user types in the name of the field they are looking for and click the search button, I want to have the code select the appropriate table from the combo box and then select the appropriate field from the list box.

    I have succeeded in getting the rest of the form to refresh with the appropriate record data, but I cannot get the combo box nor the text box to select the appropriate field, so at a glance you don't know what records you are really looking at.

    So, I'm basically using the following syntax to get the form to show the data:

    [TABLE_SELECT] = strTable ' defined earlier and the value is correct
    [FIELD_SELECT] = strField ' same as above

    This does not select the correct fields from either the combo box or list box.

    What happens is that the form refreshes and the data is accurate, but the combo and list are both wherever they were before the field lookup button was clicked.

    Any ideas? Thanks and... Thanks.

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    after the form has refresehed then set the combo / list boxes = to the values from the data


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    Subforms don't refresh when parent forms do! agg!

    Aggg. I just figured it out...

    You are correct, Healdem! I had the form set to do that but I was refreshing the wrong form... I was refreshing a parent form!

    So, lesson learned (again) - I must be specific as to what form I want to refresh...

    Thanks for your help.

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