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    Unanswered: 9i DBA training - 800 bucks worth it?

    I saw an ad where a person from an xyz consulting company is offering a 5 weekend, (60 hrs) DBA training . Cost: $800.

    I have some working exp with oracle DB's as a QA engineer... and I have already completed my OCA pl/sql developer certification.

    I am wondering if its worth while to pay 800.
    There are courses for oracle DBA training at community collages and they are way cheaper.

    Just wanted you opinions.

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    You might be better off reading the documentation and trying to get some work experience in 9i where you are.

    Try the CC courses and see how they are. Seems like less of a risk since it is cheaper.

    You seem to be in a good position in your work to possibly move into an Oracle role internally at some point.
    - The_Duck
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