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    Unanswered: copying records between databases

    hi, I have two databases (the existing one with bad design flaws, and the new one I've written) and I need to copy over some records from the old one to the new. For the most part, the design of the few tables in question has thankfully not changed much (except for the names of some of the columns), and I was wondering if there's an easier way to transfer the data over short of typing each entry in individually
    Is there any easy way? And while I'm at it, is there any way to copy the data over where the design HAS changed? eg, taking a table with 5 columns, and telling it to copy Columns 1-2 to table A, columns 3-4 to table 2, and Columnn 5 (now the linking field) to both

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    There are many ways...

    If you haven't got too many records then copy an paste will do.

    A more technical way is to create a link in your new db to the table in your old db. Then you can use APPEND queries to copy the relevant columns from the old table into the new tables. The column types must be the same. This is probably the better route because it's more robust. If you spot a mistake in your copying logic you can just change the queries and redo but with copying and pasting you have little record of what you've done or if you are going to do it right again e.g. when copying you accidentally miss the last 100 rows.

    Another way which might suit is to copy the entire table across (import) and simply rename and delete the columns you don't want. Then copy again for each of the other tables.


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