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    Talking Unanswered: Report based on OptionBox

    Good morning all and happy in the new year

    I have an OptionBox that I placed on a form, and it works fine for filtering out the data I need to see. How then can I take what the OptionBox has filtered on the form and send that out to Reports?

    thanks all and have a nice one,

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    Hi Bud,
    and a very happy New Year to you to.....

    whatever rule you are using to construct your filter based on the list / combo box should be equally available to the report.

    one option is to place a command button in the calling report and append the parameters (filter) to the relvant value(s)

    another is to open the report, check if the specified form is open, and bring accross the required paramters

    Of the two the former is the easiest to implement, although it can be difficult to provide information to the user on the report. If the dataset the report is based on is limited I prefer to include on the report what the applicable parameters are. - that can be a begger to do with the first proposal.

    Another is to place the parameters on a common form so the parameters are always available, as a consequence of I tend to use this proposal.


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    And here's something I put together that may give you some ideas about making time periods and other criteria dynamic.

    The free downloadable sample database at uses the query by form concept so that on the invoices dialog one can optionally choose a rep, a customer, and perhaps a date range, click on a button that says "Input," and then have the invoice form open up showing all the invoices that match the criteria.
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