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    Unanswered: How to write batch file on Windows to silenty UNinstall db2 run-time client?


    on Windows I would like to write a batch file which would uninstall any db2 software without prompting (silent). How to write such a file?

    My purpose: I need to uninstall old version of db2 run-time v7.2 client from 50 computers and install a new v8.2 run-time client. So far I have written silent install, I just need the silent uninstall. Is there a way to write a silent uninstall?


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    This seems like an upgrade i.e. going from v7 to v8 thus you would not need to uninstall V7. With V8 slient install it will discover the existing V7 and take all the settings. At the end you will have only V8!

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    as I know if you don't change the install path from C:\Progra~1\SQLLIB to C:\Progra~1\IBM\SQLLIB (as standard in V8) it even works if you just copy the files .... done that and its working, but of course actually not very clean.

    It even keeps the existing db directories ok.

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