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    Unanswered: Powerbuilder Batch Processes

    We have a batch process which runs on unix everynight.I have to modify it.The reqmt is that the process should now include some scripts from powerbuilder as well. What i mean is that data from certain datawindows will be picked up and processed upon.But since the batch process is scheduled to run at night automatically.I also require the process to communicate with the application.But the application is closed. How should i go about it ?

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    re:Powerbuilder Batch Processes

    I don't know of any way to pass datawindow results back to Unix. You can take the SQL from your datawindows and execute them in ISQL in your script. The results from ISQL can be passed back to Unix.
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    why can't you just create executables with no gui in PB to do this? You can then have the executables on the NT scheduler to run at appropriate times.

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