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Thread: sql error 42000

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    Unanswered: sql error 42000

    I have three instances of sql server 2000 on three boxes.
    WE collect the data on box1 and box2 and copy that data onto box3. We have couple of stored procedures whhich copy the data from box2 and box1 onto box3. It was working fine for the last few monts. But from last 4 hours the job is failed and its giving the following message

    Executed as user: abcd\servicestart. SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
    [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 17). The step failed.
    But the sqlserver exists on all the 3 boxes and they are connected and even we haven't changed any login info on all the 3 boxes. What could be the reason for the above error.


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    Can you log in as abcd\servicestart to box 1 or 2, and see if you can access box 3 with Query Analyzer or isql?

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