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    Red face Unanswered: restricted login creations

    I have a problem.While creating login for a single table in a database we know the public role is given by default.
    I have use to disabled all public priviledges by-
    Use northwind
    revoke all from public
    executing through query Analyser.
    And after creating a role named "reception" and giving the priviledges of "select' to customer table by ticking and assigning that role to the login I get my login.
    But using that login When I login,I can use select to see customer table.
    And except that nothing is allowed.
    But when i write
    use pubs
    select * from sales
    I get the entire results.
    Plz suggest me a way to block everything except the "select" of customer table.

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    when you execute
    use <dbname>
    aren't you going into a different database where privileges on objects could be different. to me it seems valid that you're able to see everything from sales. you would have to revoke all or (grant select) on this database as well for the objects. that should resolve the problem.

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