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Thread: linked servers

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    Unanswered: linked servers

    I have two servers and they are linked servers. When I query a table on ON Box2 from Box1
    The distributed query works fine but when I tried the oppisite it says 'SQL Server does not exist or access denied.'
    What could be the reason.


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    You've registered Box1 as a linked server on Box2?
    And registered Box2 as a linked server on Box1?
    You've specified the correct username/password (or security context)?
    You're using the correct four-part naming convention (or correct OPENQUERY syntax)?
    Are both servers SQL Server (service pack)?
    Are they both configured for network connectivity (ie, listening on TCP or named pipes)?
    Are you using the OLE DB for SQL Server connection or have you configured them as linked native SQL Servers (I prefer the former)?

    If you've done all these, then I'm at a bit of a loss. Linked servers aren't too hard, but they do require some attention to basic details.


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    I can say 'yes' for all the questions and the distributed queries were working fine for last so many months and got the pbm for last one day.


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