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Thread: Table tuning

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    Unanswered: Table tuning

    I am trying to tune my database. I use the 'TOAD SQL Tuning' software which tells me, that I have a table XXXX with a large number of extents and that in general if a table has more than 10 extents, it should be rebuilt to fit into one extent.

    1. Where can I see the number of extents in a table (with og without TOAD)?
    2. If I rebuild the table, how do I secure, that I don't get the same "error" in a while?
    3. If I remake my tables, are there different ways to remake tables which
    a) contains static data (few 'insert' and 'delete')?
    b) contains living data (lot of 'insert' and 'delete' or 'update')?
    c) contains data which is continious extending (lot of 'insert')?
    d) contains few data?
    e) contains a large amount of data (more than ???? records)?

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    1. See dba_segments
    2. What error ? you mean by error '.. that in general if a table has more than 10 extents, it should be rebuilt to fit into one extent.. ' where did you get that idea from ? there's nothing wrong in a table having more than 1 extent. Generally, table has much much more than that.
    3. Tell you what -- use Locally Managed Tablespaces (LMT) and forget about worrying about extents and stuff like that.

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    I agree. Forget about extents and change all tablespaces to LMTs.

    Also, DO NOT use Quest or TOAD to tune your database.
    Read the Oracle documentation and buy helpful Oracle books like those written by Tom Kyte and a few other tuning books.

    TOAD annoys the hell out of me because it makes you a dumb DBA.
    It's great as a GUI to see objects and such, but in general I like to rely on
    my own analysis, proofing, and benchmark testing to verify something should
    be tunes or changed.

    If you can prove a change works better through benchmarks then there can be no argument. Just show them your results.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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