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    Unanswered: Query Record Number Only

    I'm trying desperately to find a solution to displaying ONLY the record
    number of the last entry into the form. I'm trying to setup a page for
    a ticket raffle. The people fill out their information on the form and
    click send. I then want a separate webpage to display the ms record
    number of that entry. When we reach 100 entries the draw will begin.
    So this way anyone can log onto the website and see how many entries
    (or ms records) have been entered so far without seeing the personal
    information (name, address, phone, etc.) of the people entering their
    data for the raffle

    The idea is they will enter their information into a FP2000 web form.
    Every time someone enters their information and clicks send, there
    should be an update sent to a separate page that tracks the count of
    entrants. Kinda like McDonalds clicker of how many burgers sold thing.
    Anyone logging onto the site will know what number of entries we're

    I am an Access Idiot so please do talk to me as such. Use plain old elementary school words please.


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    haven't got a clue where in front page you'd put it, but you can always find the number fo records using an SQL statement

    have a look at the count(<myclumn>) predicate in a select statement
    have a look at the max(<myclumn>) predicate in a select statement
    have a look at the top n predicate in a select statement (used in conjunction with a sort order)

    select count(orderno) as NoOrders from DTOrders where CustomerNo=blah
    - would count the number of orders placed by a specific customer
    select max(OrderNo) as NoOrders from DTOrders where CustomerNo=blah
    select top 1 OrderNo from DTOrders where CustomerNo=blah order by OrderNo DESC
    these should give the highest ordernumber for customer blah

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    Hey healdem,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I'll be able to add your suggestion to my notes and give it a try.

    In case you or anybody else is interested in the outcome of this thread, I thought I'd post a reply I received from *Rama Ramachandran *. In my desperation and state of sleep deprivation I started e-mailing anyone having anything to do with MS Access. This man kindly responded to what had to sound like an e-mail from a crazy woman. I'm still trying to decipher the directions as it looks like Greek to me but I'll include them in case it can help someone else who understands it. Even though I don't yet understand what it say's, just receiving his response let me know that there WAS a way to do what I was trying to do and I wasn’t searching in vain. It's also helped me to learn so much more about MS Access because I now have to try and understand what he is telling me to do. Here's a GREAT website for anyone else as utterly virgin as me --> . It's a tutorial for the office suite. Besides deciphering the code below, I now just have to figure out how to display this information in FrontPage. I'm getting carried away with these damn smileys aren't I?

    Here's the directions *Rama * sent me:
    "You can formulate a query that either only returns the
    last record, or even better, just a count of records.

    "Select top 1 * from TableName order by FieldName

    will give you last record based on FieldName.

    "Select Count(*) as TheCount from TableName"

    will give you number of records in the table.

    *Rama Ramachandran is the Vice President of Technology with Imperium Solutions and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Site Builder. He has extensive experience with building database systems and has co-authored several books including "Professional Visual InterDev 6 Programming" and "Professional Data Access" (Wrox). Rama teaches Visual Basic and Web development at Fairfield University and University of Connecticut.*
    I found him here -->

    Many Thanks,

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