Hope this is not a silly question but :

I recently was given an old laptop, and keep it on 24/7 to download things, instead of using the Desktop PC - which was way to noisy.

I also inherited 4 x pcmcia laptop Ethernet adapters - which can all go in the laptop (with the docking station attached there is 4 x pcmcia slots total). I also have a load of pci (Desktop PC) Ethernet cards lying about. And crossover cables. See where I'm going with this?

If I Networked the Desktop & Laptop using all the above, so end up with 4 x 100mbps Ethernet networks between them.

Can I utilise this to get a theoretical 400mbps connection between the 2 machines? Would it work if I 'bridged' all 4 adaptors on both PC's? Is there any software that can do this?

Thanks for any ideas