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    Unanswered: Web Reports REP-51018: Need Database User Authentication


    I am working in Oracle 10g R2 in a windows 2000 environment. Currently I am using web forms to invoke web reports. The problem is that the authentication criteria seems to expire after an undisclosed amount of time (15+ minutes). Once this “expires” I get message REP-51018: Need Database User Authentication. No user information is accepted for the required Username, Password, and Database. These should already be defined from web forms.
    I need to close the web reports window and the web form used to call the report. After reopening the web form and calling the report again, everything works perfectly for some time. Please advise how to avoid this situation. If this is an expiration parameter, can it be disabled? It would be extremely beneficial to avoid this situation. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I assume you must be using Oracle SSO, if so, I think you can change the expire time of the cookie, which I think it's on the file: <OAS_HOME>\reports\conf\
    There you'll find the parameter:
    Uncomment it and change it to a higher value, though is wouldn't be recommended, for how do you want your users to have their reports opened?

    I hope it helps...

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