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    Unanswered: Oracle Monitoring

    If you were given business requirements for an Oracle Monitoring Tool for your 24x7 Production Servers, would you recommend TOAD as this tool?
    Your requirements are the following: monitor performance (statements, stored procs) and availability.

    I have a DBA who has recommended TOAD to replace a strictly Performance/Availability monitoring tool that we had planned on using. I have been unable to provide solid detials that this tool is not meant to monitor a 24x7 production Oracle environment. Can someone argue otherwise?

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    TOAD is more a development tool with some DBA utilities. For monitoring most people use Oracle's Enterprise Manager. It is a bit complex to setup but it is good at monitoring databases and other apps like web servers etc. Definitely recommended if you have 10g (with 9i and earlier you do find with certain functionality isnt supported with EM 10g).


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