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    Unanswered: db2 set integrity performance issue

    During the set integrity phase associated with a db2 load, the set integrity on a table containing 30 million rows is taking approximatly one hour per million rows to complete. There is plenty of free physical memory and we bumped the application control heap, db heap, sort heap, utility heap. It runs again ok for a while and then just bogs down. auto configure says we need more heap but it does not help keep a sustained throughput.
    We are running db2 8.2.1 fix pack 9 on aix 64 bit 5.2.05
    Has anyone run into a case like this and what has been done to fix/tune to resolve this category of issue?

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    How many constraints do you have and what indexes exist to match the constraints?
    M. A. Feldman
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    db2 wait states

    7 indexes including PK. However, the processing speed was hugely abnormal in that most of the CPU was in wait state. I have observed this to be the case in both cases where there was a lot of disk I/O and cases where there is very little.

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