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    Unanswered: Doing airithmetic on date/time ???

    I have a column, c1 which is of datatype datetime and the column values a stored like this m/d/yyyy h:mm AM(or PM)

    12/10/2005 2:00 AM and 1/4/2006 11:00 PM

    How can do a query that between those dates ?

    Also I'm somewhat familiar with the DATEADD function but is there a function (like a DATESUBTRACT) to do exactly the opposite?

    I'm using Sybase ASE 12.5.2
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    To query between dates you can try this

    select @fromdate = convert(datetime, convert(varchar(10), getdate(), 101))
    select @todate = convert(datetime, convert(varchar(10), getdate(), 101))

    select ... from ... where <datefield> >= @fromdate and <datefield> < @todate

    I've not given the entire code, just some skeleton ones, so you may want to make necessary changes. Pls change getdate() in the initial 2 selects to appropriate date you want. also note that that they would be defaulted to 12:00AM which could result in more data being returned.

    On the other hand if you use

    select ... from ... where <datefield> >= getdate() and <datefield> < dateadd(day, 1, getdate())

    result set could be different because this will result in actual time on the server correct to microseconds & if that's how data is stored in dbase result set could fluctuate. You can also use "between" clause instead of >= & <.

    There's no datesubtract function, however you can use negative numbers in dateadd clause which will result in date being subtracted, something like

    select dateadd(day, -n, getdate())

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    Thanx very much

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    One minor "problem" though I notice that the <= operator doesn't work as I would expect it to:

    DECLARE @fromdate DATETIME
    SELECT @fromdate=CONVERT(DATETIME,'12/17/2005',101)
    SELECT @todate=CONVERT(DATETIME,'01/[b]07[b]/2006',101)
    select ... from ... where <datefield> >= @fromdate and <datefield> <= @todate

    The above query only returns data up to 01/06/2006, Why didn't it include data up to the 01/07/2006?

    The => operator included (as expected) data from 12/17/2005 onwards

    Probably I would have to refine the date ranges (as you indicated in your post):
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    when you're using >= < always have end date 1 day more than what you expect to see. so if you want to see 01/07/06 have todate as 01/08/06 and < will ensure that 07 is included as well. this is better than using >= & <=. Alternatively you can try with between clause as well, however in this case todate need not be incremented by 1.

    select ... from ... where datefield between "12/17/2005" and "01/07/2006"

    check which approach gives the desired output w/o any compromise in performance.

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    First, remember that datetime values are stored in a native format, and include milliseconds, so when you compare a datetime value with a date string you have to take this into account.

    You can also use the BETWEEN operator for your query:

    select ... from ... where the_date between @date1 and @date2


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