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    Unanswered: problem with cyrrilic

    I have a paradox table with table language Paradox Cyrr 866
    how to convert it to mysql and data in it to be readable.

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    The following article: mysql and UTF-8 contains relevant information to get you started.

    In a nutshell, if you convert your text into UTF-8, you can store that in your MySQL database (if version is >= 4.1). An alternative is to store the text in the MySQL database by converting the text into HTML character codes, e.g.:

    Cyrillic: 0400 to 04FF
    hex:40e (&#x40e) decimal:1038 (&#1038) test: Ў
    hex:40f (&#x40f) decimal:1039 (&#1039) test: Џ
    hex:410 (&#x410) decimal:1040 (&#1040) test: А
    hex:411 (&#x411) decimal:1041 (&#1041) test: Б
    hex:412 (&#x412) decimal:1042 (&#1042) test: В
    hex:413 (&#x413) decimal:1043 (&#1043) test: Г

    If you reply here, please mention the MySQL version you are using.
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