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    Unanswered: DB data transfer

    I need to recreate the MySQL data which is located at the host
    to my local computer.
    Is there an easy way to transfer the whole data base ?

    Is there (like in SQL server) some files which contain all data
    and which I could replace on my local PC.

    Thanls for help,
    Pierre (Pl-Arts)

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    Best to export the data from the MySQL host database and import it into your MySQL database on your local computer. For clarification, the export file would contain a series of SQL insert statements, and optionally include drop and create table statements.

    I'd install and use phpMyAdmin instead of the command line, on each.

    The data files you refer to do exist in MySQL under the MySQL install directory 'mysql/data' but I wouldn't touch them, or assume that copying them to another server would 'just work'.

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    From the command line(do not log on to mysql)

    c:\mysql\bin\mysqldump -u [username] -p -r CreatesAFile.sql --add-drop-table [databasename]

    will create a sql script that contains all the create table/insert data from your original db. Copy from host and run on new computer.

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