I've created an RMAN script to do a full backup of my Oracle database. I can run the script successfully from the command line, but when I run the script from the client save set in nwadmin it fails when it tries to backup the index.

It actually completes the database backup to the pool database but once it completes the database backup it tries to write the index to a different pool default. The backup eventually fails when it times out trying to write the index to tape.

Following are some of the messages seen in nwadmin:

Done saving to pool database
setting up for writing, moving forward 34 files

Then the backup fails with
savegroup alert: database completed, 1 client failed

I've checked the volume labels and they are all ok. I'm stumped.
Why is the index trying to write to the Default pool rather than the database pool?
What happens if I run the database backup with the No index save option in the database Group?