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    Unanswered: Import issue

    This may be a dumb AIX operating system question rather than DB2 question but I am hoping that someone may know the answer.

    I am trying to import data into a database using db2move (The database came from Windows and going into AIX) but running out of space on the hd1 disk where /home/db2inst1 is.

    When I try to increase the size of the volume through smitty, the number 512 is in bytes or kilobytes ?. Also, the other file sizes are displayed in bytes right ? Like the result of ls -al ?

    When I increased the volume size, do I need to reboot the machine ?

    Thanks for any help.

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    no reboot is needed - I think
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    how many records is in the data file? DB2move does not do COMMIT(amazing IBM hasn't gotten to it yet) So, if you have huge number of records you are running out of space. The only way to avvoid this is to doa regular IMPORT or LOAD and utilize savecount or commit what ever the case is.
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    I have increased the volume size and it has imported successfully..........


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