Hi all,
I have encountered a strange problem and I am wracking my brain to figure out how to fix it.

I currently moved a commercial database (mysql 3.51) from one hosting provider to a dedicated setup with mysql 4.1.

Before I moved the data structure and database, I created a .sql file image.

When I got set up on the new dedicated server running Suse Linux 9 and mysql 4.1, I imported the sql image file to the new database. All seemed well.

What is very strange is, on one of my tables has a autoincrementing column

When accessing records with the column number, I get a number with DECIMAL points in it, rather than whole integers. This is very strange problem and I need to know how I can correct this issue.

There are a couple of options available to me. The database holds just test data currently, so if need be, I COULD just empty the database and then start reloading it with data. This is alot of work, so I 'd rather not do this.

However, I full administrative access to this database, so I can do anything if need be.

The other option I am wondering is, what FIXING tools are available out there for diagnosing and correcting this issue. I am moderately capable when it comes to mysql and I am not a complete newbie in this department.

I have a program that I use called 'Mysql Front' which is very good. When I access the database, the mysql front program shows the column in doubt as whole integers.

Yet when I view the records via the web (and queries) the column(s) in doubt show decimal places. What the heck is going on?

Hopefully someone out there has had a similar problem and can advise me on what I should do.