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    Unanswered: History words


    In MS Access, form

    I want make like this:

    1st time:
    Company Name: Automobile
    2nd time:
    Company Name: AuID

    If I type A, then it will show out the word, but the cursor is till After A, because if we type another character which will change another word
    3rd time:
    Company Name: Automobile

    4th time:
    Company Name: Au[I]ID[I]

    What is the keyword to search about it in the forum?
    Anyway, does anybody know how to solve it?
    Please let me know, thanks.

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    I'd suggest showing both the stock number and the automobile name on the forms and reports. And on a report it might look like this:

    '64 Mustang (Stock #12345)

    With ControlSource code like this:

    =[AutoName] & " (Stock #" & [AutoID] & ")"
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    its hard to tell from your problem description but is what you are after a combo box?

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