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    Need suggestions for DFD

    I'm a freshman in uni, and got this question to solve.

    I drew the DFD but not sure about the accuracy. If you have any spare time pls. give some suggestions to improve it. (Refer the attached image)

    The question
    ================================================== =========
    Point of Sale system

    When a customer purchases an item they make a payment of either cash or credit card. The sales clerk will provide them with a receipt for the sale that will indicate the time of sale, the itmes sold, the price of each item, and credit card details if the customer pays by credit card. The system will then update a goods sold file, and inventory file, and a sales total file. The store manager will receive reports so that the stores activities can be properly monitored.

    * The context diagram
    * The level 0 diagram such that all processes at level0 are functional primatives.

    ================================================== ======

    I'm not sure about these things,
    1. should there be a STORE or a WAREHOUSE in the context diagram? (since it's not mentioned in the question)
    2. do I have to create 3 data stores for DIAGRAM 0 ?
    Or any other errors you can spot.

    Thank you.
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    Give your diagram 0 more thought.

    Think about how data is flowing between the processes.

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    Thank you.

    I'll work on that.

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