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    Unanswered: Is Oracle the right choice for my business?


    I am quite new to the database world, although I have taken several courses in database design and implementation with Access (enough to feel that Access is not what I am looking for!). I was hoping for some advice on this forum about which direction to go for developing a database system for my company. Our ultimate goal would be to link everything from start to finish together through a database system.

    Here is some information about our data.

    - # parts in database ~20k items
    - # customer's in customer database~15k
    - # Invoices per year is ~3k
    - # Price Quotes per year ~3k

    Based on this information, what applications/data access languages/server software would be sufficient? Initially we were were thinking about using Oracle as part of our system, but I'm not sure if there is a better option? It would be helpful to have some direction as we begin the interview process for a person to develop and manage our future system.

    Thanks for any opinions - I realize the question is quite broad.

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    Alot depends on how the data is accessed and how many users are going to be working with the data. Do you plan on also integrating payroll or other financials with them. How about shipping/receiving, etc. What type of application (ie, Web based ?).

    While the numbers you gave are not that large, SQLServer could handle them nicely. Depending on the type of access and where you want to go in the future, you might want to consider Oracle.


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    I have and currentally do work with
    MS Sqlserver
    With a large corporation.

    I have found Sql Server to be the easiest of the 3 to implement
    Oracle to be the most robust (terabytes of data)
    DB2 to be well DB2

    Sql server can be implented with the MS suite easily (Access, Excel)
    Can be accessed through Web based .NET.
    I not easily implemented with the Oracle Suite of tools.

    Oracle not so much you would need to find a tool Either Oracle out of the box(forms, reports, Discoverer), Web based .NET or other Portal interfaces from Oracle.
    I think that the licensing is "Tricky" with Oracle.

    I decision depends on what the ultimate goal of this is to be and the ultimate size of your data assets.

    Find a person that you would feel comfortable to manage you data assets and allow them to help define direction.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    Good Luck

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    For the amount of data you have you should look at the new Oracle Express Database. It has the robustness and most of the functionality of Oracle Standard but is free. As for development tool take a look at Oracle's new Raptor tool, it is just as easy as rival products but is also free. As for connectivity it is just as easy to connect Access or Excel to Oracle as it is to Sql Server, you can use ODBC, JDBC etc.

    The downside for Oracle is the database and some of the tools are a bit more complicated than say Sql Server and the learning curve is steeper. On the otherhand most of the Oracle databases I have looked after have had uptimes measured in hundreds of days, you hardly ever get locking issues (unlike SQL Server) or scalability issues if you know how to tune.

    Whichever database you go for get someone who knows it really well as that will help your development process no end as has been mentioned earlier.


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