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    Question Unanswered: Updating programs in separate locations

    Hi All,

    I need some advice as to what is the best way for me to update a program in 3 different locations.

    I have developed a program that I now have running in 3 separate locations. Each location uses the same program structure and tables, but they will have different data.

    When I make a change to the one in our office, I would like to update the other 2 offices so that we all are using the latest version.
    CURRENTLY: I make a database file with the “forms, Reports, Queries, and modules” necessary to accommodate the changes. Then I, email the file to the other offices. I then try to walk someone there at the office through; “Get Files: Import”, then delete the old files and rename the new ones. This is risky!!!!!

    I know there is a better way of doing this, I just don’t know it.
    Can some one help me on this issue?
    Thanks for all your help….ENVIVA

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    Create a function that runs when the database is opened that will check it's version number against a "master" database. if it's old, update the necessary objects through COM.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    A frontend (everything but the tables) / backend (tables only) solution allows more work to be done on the user's PC instead of on the computer that the database tables reside on and accordingly reduces network traffic. And anytime something like a new report is added one can easily send the new frontend to the users to copy to their PC's...

    And of course another solution to allowing multiple users to be able to use a database would be to put the database on the Web. And there of course design changes including to the database tables themselves can easily be done at the one place.
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