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    Unanswered: Input value by Combox only


    In MS Access, the form,

    I make one combox, I want anybody input the value by dropdown list, they cannot input the value by typing in keyboard.

    How can I lock to enter the value by typing, but they can input it by dropdown list.

    Because, if I lock the field, then we never enter the value, if no lock, then we can enter it either dropdown list option or type in keyboard.

    I just want to make dropdown list option to enter the value.

    Please let me know, thanks.

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    I'm having trouble understanding your problem, could you try to explain again a little more clearly?
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    I'm not sure you can stop the user from typing, but you can set the Limit To List property of the combo to Yes, so they can only type in values that exist in the list.

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    set the limit to list property = true, that way round you can only accept a value that is in the combos row source.

    ther alternative is to use a list box

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