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    Unanswered: UDB replication

    Does anyone know of any inherent drawbacks in UDB replication (LUW) vis-a-vis Sybase? Also within UDB there are 2 kinds of replication - SQL based & Q based which one's better taking all factors into consideration..Any suggestions, pointers to information/documents would be highly appreciated.


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    I have never used Sybase replication, but test-replicated from UDB to Sybase using IBM tools.

    DB2 replication reads asynchronously the DB2 log files and uses Triggers on the Sybase side to fill change-data-tables.

    In SQL replication you will use pure database logic to replicate (e.g. a Sybase client to connect and SQL), in Q-replication MQ queues will be used to ensure the data transport between systems.

    in Version 8 a lot of stuff improved in replication functionality, so it is actually quite well to handle.

    I tried Q replication only between DB2 databases - it was fast and reliable. Probably to prefer if you have MQ inhouse anyway; otherwise it has to be licensed. Setup is well documented also for MQ dummies like me.

    License: you will need a Websphere Information Integrator License, please check the website for editions and which one will apply best for your needs.
    Websphere Information Integrator replaces tools known as DB2 relational connect in V7 and includes Q replication.

    For pure DB2 replication Information Integrator is not needed, that functionality is included with DB2.

    I guess you will find quite some articles on that topic in developerworks.

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    Thanks Juliane. I'll check out the links which you've suggested.

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