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    Unanswered: pearl help

    hi all
    i'm a very beginer to peral and i want to do it
    i'd download active pearl and install it but i don't know how to start it
    is it enough for starting pearl nd how i will do it ?
    pls help me
    thnks in advance

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    Start at the Perl "galactic headquarters" and work from there. There are links to ActiveState where you can download either the fully compiled ActiveState implementation, or source code that you can edit/compile/install to your heart's content. There are also many tutorials there to help you get started.


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    Under Windows, bring up a DosBox

    Start> Run> enter "cmd" or ""> Ok

    In the DosBox type "perl -V", if you get all sorts of stuff you've never seen before, your install is probably fine.

    Now bring up Notepad or WordPad and create a text file with

    print "Hello, World!\n";

    in it. Save it to a directory. Go to your DosBox and cd into the directory where you save that text file. Type in

    perl <filename>

    If you get "Hello, World!" back, congratulations. You've run your first perl program.

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    thnk u verymuch patp and senza
    i will try it but neway thnks for ur reply


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