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    Unanswered: Help needed to restore SQL Database

    Hi Gurus,

    Can anyone assist?

    How to recover the database if I have only the current transaction log and a older version of .mdf & .ldf files. No backup had being performed via Enterprise Manager.

    I have installed MSSQL2000 on Windows 2003 Server. Created a new database 'sample' and inserted some data into the 'sample' db. Afterwhich, I offline the 'sample' db and copied the .mdf & .ldf to another backup directory.

    Restart the database by bring it online again and continue to insert more data ... (approx 100,000 rows of data).

    Afterwhich, I tried to damage the running database .mdf file and the database went into offline / suspect mode.

    How can I recovered to the point in time of failure based on just current transactional log & older version of .mdf & .ldf files?

    Can any gurus out there advises?

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    If you have not been making backups, you will not be able to recover to a point in time. Recovering to a point in time requires that the database be in the 'Full' recovery model and that you make periodic full backups combined with transaction log backups. The best that you *might* be able to do in this scenario is to perform a single file attach (see sp_attachdb).


    Have you hugged your backup today?

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