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    Unanswered: Transaction log is full

    I am importing data into database and I imported all the files except 2 because I am getting "The transaction log for the database is full" error. I realize that the table I am trying to load has already 2100830 rows.

    I tried to delete the data from this table but I got the same "The transaction log for the database is full" error.

    How do I shrink or remove the transaction log ?

    AIX 5.2 DB2 8.1.5


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    can you post a script? Are you using db2move? If you are using a db2move you have only two options. 1. DO NOT use db2move it does not commit data. 2. rewrite to use load with a commit.
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    log full

    if table is empty you could alter the table not logged initially and load/import the data.
    with import always specify commitcount xxx and with load specify savecount xxx and if file is still available also : nonrecoverable
    there is no shrink command (this is for MS SQL..)
    see command reference for detailed syntax..
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    Thanks for the replies.......These 2 tables we really did not need because they were some perf monitoring tables that came from the client but I should include the 'Commit' in the files/scripts and also increase the transaction log size from default to a bigger value.

    Thanks again..........

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