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    Question Unanswered: Connection to a DB2 database takes over 10 minutes


    I'm just wondering if anyone has run into a similar problem - though it probably isn't directly tied to DB2 itself.

    Essentially, it takes over ten minutes to connect to a DB2 V8 FP 10 multi partitioned database from a windows client. This behaviour is not consistent however, since at least one w2k client is able to connect without a problem. Here's the breakdown:

    Windows DB2 v8 client -> DB2 V8 FP10 (slow)
    Unix DB2 v8 client -> DB2 V8 FP 10 (fast)
    Windows DB2 v7 client -> DB2 V8 FP 10 (fast)

    What is strange is that V7 clients are able to connect without a problem, but when we upgrade to V8, they take forever to connect.

    We had a similar problem on our production systems, but adding a search path to the DNS server allowed it to resolve the client to the domain it was located in. However, this didn't solve the problem in development.

    Would anybody know anything about the newer features of the V8 clients on Windows that makes them so affected by changes to the DNS? Are there any parameters on the DB2 server which can change the behaviour of client connections? A registry variable perhaps?

    I'm still reading through the documentation, but if anyone has a direction to point me in, I'd appreciate it.


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    Make sure that your db is catalogued on your client with "authentication server" parm at the end.
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    We had problems(not connectivity) with 8.1 client talking to 8.2FP10. Were strongly urged to upgrade client to FP10 also. Problems disappeared. Can you PING the server from 8.1 client quickly?

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    we had same problem from windows client on server machine.
    had todo with dns sequence lookup and with user authentication verification to server.
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