Is it possible to change the login for a SQL user that is mapped to a Local NT Group login on one server, to a different Local NT Group login on another server when a database is moved from one server to another, e.g. restored to the new server after a failure on the first server?

sp_change_users_login only seems to work for standard SQL logins, not NT User or Group logins.

For example, say I have user A on ServerA that uses the NT login ServerA\GroupA and on ServerB I have the existing Local NT Group ServerB\GroupA. What I'd like to do is change the login for user A to ServerB\GroupA when the database is restored to ServerB from ServerA.

I have a couple of scripts I use to transfer SIDs from one server to another, but that is of no use here because the two Local NT groups will have different SIDs.

Cheers All