Hi, I'm trying to write some code for a stock transfer function, where the items in the transfer are removed from the source stocks and added to the destination stocks. The first part works fine, but the second part is trickier....the StockID (PK) for the source stock is naturally selected by the user when they choose the items they are transferring, but when adding this to the destination stocks, that StockID must be "translated" into the StockID for the destination item (same ItemCode and Description, but different location, hence different StocKID). The code below is supposed to open a recordset consisting of all the stock items in the destination stock files, which I would then Seek through to find the matching stock item. Problem is, it only adds the FIRST item from the destination stock files, rather than ALL of them (which then also seems to be causing the error I'm getting at the .Index line, "..not supported for this object", i guess because you can't Seek thru a recordset with only one record). If I just run the query that the recordset is based on by itself, it works fine, returns all the items....so can anyone see why it won't work here? Thanks for your help!

'Add to destination stocks
    Set qdfFindStockID = CUMMkII.QueryDefs("qryStockTransferSIDRecordset")
    strParm = [Forms]![frmStockTransferNew]![cmbLocationTo].[Value]
    qdfFindStockID![Forms!frmStockTransferNew!cmbLocationTo.Value] = strParm
    Set rsFindStockID = qdfFindStockID.OpenRecordset()   'set of items in LocationTo's stocks
                                                 'to find StockID for destination stock item
    Do While Not rsTfrItems.EOF
        Set rsStockItem = CUMMkII.OpenRecordset("tblStockItem") '...to adjust quantity in Stocks
        rsFindStockID.Index = "ItemCode"                 'find StockID for destination item
        rsFindStockID.Seek "=", rsTfrItems!ItemCode