I (will) have one table containing BLOB column size 100K-2000K and there will be cca 500 inserts par day.This BLOB column is very important.But,after 10 days,I have to set BLOB column to null value(rest of columns for that row remains unchanged,only BLOB is set to null)
My env is Oracle RAC on W2K.
My questions
1) Is Oracle will reuse storage who was freed after UPDATE ..SET BLOBCULUMN IS NULL WHERE ...
2) Im i have to choose enable storage in row/disable storage in row?
3) Is there any performanse issue with inserting BLOB?
4) Do export command exports entire BLOB?(after ten days,blobs go to archive database)
4) Do You know for any other "issue" about blobs in my environment?

Thanks a lot for Your advices,