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    Red face Unanswered: what's the way to compare two images?

    Can anybody tell me how to compare images?
    I think there is an algorithm for it.Please tell me if anybody knows somethign about this subject?
    I want to know the mechanism to compare an image with the images kept in the database.Just like the criminal tracking system..

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    The short, simple answer is to load two images into memory, then compare each pixel in the two images to each other. Keep a running total of the number of differences, and a sum total ff the deltas. (probably a square-root of the sum of squares delta for R, G, and B)

    After the images are compared, use the above to determine of you have a "match"

    However, there are some chalenges that you'll need to address.

    to name one,
    Scale of the images. How do you handle it of one image is of a different size than another? What if you take an image, crop it, then strech it so that it's again the same size? What if one image is rotated a bit?

    to name another, brightness/contrast of images. You'll need to adjust the images so as to get an approximate duplicate of a brightness histogram.
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