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    I am using business object data integrator v11.5 that runs on oracle data base, I want to be able to record the number of rows from the source vs target.

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    As I know nothing about business object data integrator v11.5, this may be a complete nonsense ... however, a little chat might help.

    Record count is performed using the COUNT function. A simple example would be this:

    SELECT COUNT(*) source_records FROM source_table;
    SELECT COUNT(*) target_records FROM target_table;

    Comparing those values will show the difference.

    If this makes sense, we could go a step further: including a WHERE clause which will restrict output data set, for example:

    SELECT COUNT(*) source_records FROM source_table
    WHERE department_id = some_value;

    I'll say it again - there is a high probability that you won't find it helpful at all ...

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    SELECT src.source_records, trg.target_records
      FROM (SELECT COUNT(*) source_records FROM source_table) src
         , (SELECT COUNT(*) target_records FROM target_table) trg

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