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    Question Unanswered: Rollback Closes a cursor?

    Hi all,

    Cursors in DB2 follows the ANSI SQL standard of closing open cursors whenever a COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement is issued. But cursors that are declared with the WITH HOLD option remain open after a COMMIT statement is issued. Here all open cursors are closed when a ROLLBACK statement is issued.

    If we are processing something in a cursor and inside the cursor for every record we have to commit or rollback and then go to the next record.

    What will happen if i have to rollback on the 50th row and cursor has 500 rows to process?Here it closes the cursor itself since a rollback happened.

    What should i do to retain the cursor OPEN and the cursor position same as before the ROLLBACK happened. Some body help me on this..


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    Have you checked the "SAVEPOINT ... ON ROLLBACK RETAIN CURSORS " ?
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