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    Question Unanswered: Security in Client-Server-Connection (Informix 10) - without rhosts/hosts.equiv


    as I know it is possible to establish a Client-Server-Connection for Informix by using the operating system security files ".rhosts" and "hosts.equiv".

    But as we all should also know, to use these two files for "trusted environment" is not up to date conserning security topics.

    My question is now:
    How is it possible to get a working Client-Server-Connection with Informix (Version 10) without using these two files? Or isn't it possible at all?
    For example, I would like to make a "dbaccess" on the client and then connect to a database on the server-side. (Note: both on Unix-Solaris-Machines)

    Maybe, someone has some experience in setting this up, so might give me a hint or a possible solution for this problem.

    Thanks a lot in advance to all readers!

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