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    Unanswered: 501 - Illegal assignment


    I have 2 sites and each runs the same backend script to edit Access Dbases.
    The script has been running successfully for a few years.

    Today, a visitor added some content to the Dbase of one site and now trying to login to the admin section I get the following error :

    Database connection failed
    When connecting to the database, the following error(s) occured:

    501 - Illegal assignment

    I downloaded the accessed Dbase and all entries are correct, I also ran a repair and compact.
    After uploading the Dbase again still no success to login.

    Any ideas on the reason for this error are much appreciated.
    Many thanks

    I found the solution and the problem is now solved
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    No page name or code line number in the error message?

    Off the top of my head I could imagine that maybe a DSN for the connection no longer exists on the server for some reason...
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