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    Unanswered: Errorlevel in DOS Batch


    i have a DOS .cmd file with calling the db2 command window like this:

    "db2cmd -c -i -w db2 connect to test user will using smith"

    I thought a fail of this connect would return me some errorlevel being not 0, which i can react on.

    But, this doesn't happen. It is always 0.

    Does anybody know How to catch an error in this scenario????


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    You should be checking the exit code after db2, not after db2cmd.

    By the way, the command you've shown doesn't make much sense: once db2cmd returns the connection will be terminated.

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    what is your client version, my works fine with 8.1 fixpack 10

    db2cmd does return errorlevel.

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    The statement was just a quick hack. Normaly we call a script making some loads from a scheduler system. We found out the, by mistake an very old rt-client was installed. we corrected that and now this errorlevel thing works fine.

    Thanks for the comments.

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