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    Unhappy Unanswered: "dbaccess" as standalone application on client??

    Hello Informix-Users,

    today I have a new question.

    Is it possible to use the application "dbaccess" as stand-alone application on the client-side?

    I have installed an IDS-Server and I want to access it from a different machine. So, I thought that it might be possible when I just copy the "dbaccess" to my client computer.
    (That's what I already did with a MySQL-DB...installed a server on one machine, and than copied the "mysql"-client to the client computer...that works fine!).

    But everything I have tried until now failed in the end. "dbaccess" doesn't want to start and gives only the output with "-23101 Unable to load locale categories". Also setting the DB_LOCALE and CLIENT_LOCALE does not seem to work.

    Is it really necessary to install the WHOLE IDS-server on the client-computer, too??? I can't believe it...?!

    I still think there has to be a way to get around a second installation...what about using the other products like SDK or ICONNECT?! May be, there lies the solution in...

    Are here users who have experience in accessing the server from a client-computer with only "dbaccess" installed?

    I would be happy to get an answer on this question!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    If yours is a windows client then you can download the SDK Client for Informix and Winsql and connect to your informix server after you have inserted registry entries using setnet32.



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