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    Angry Unanswered: shmget: [EEXIST][17]: key 52574801: problem in a cluster system


    pls i have a problem with informix running on a cluster system. the informix starts and stop immediately and with the following error

    17:08:03 Checkpoint loguniq 9, logpos 0xd77018, timestamp: 2996261

    17:08:03 Maximum server connections 0
    17:08:03 On-Line Mode
    17:08:11 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Started.
    17:08:11 shmget: [EEXIST][17]: key 52574801: shared memory already exists
    17:08:11 mt_shm_init: can't create resident segment

    that caused the system to be switching from on node to another hence lacking stability.

    what can i do to correct this problem.

    pls help me out is urgent as i am working on a project.

    hope to receive ur answer very soon.



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    take a loot at the output of ipcs command -a flag will show you both memory and semaphore segments, run the comand when the engine is down and up and compare.

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